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The kingdom of heaven is like... a physio.

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

NOTE: They following excerpt may or may not be quoted from the bible. Maybe. Sort of. Not.

Sitting at Jesus' feet, Jesus' disciples sought out further teaching from their wise leader: "Rabbi, teach us how to pray; teach us of the Spiritual life!" Jesus looked at the earnest faces of his apprentices.

"The kingdom of heaven," Jesus responded, "is like a young man who had excruciating pain in his left knee. This man Googled the symptoms he was experiencing and was led to believe he needed a big surgery. While he wasn't excited about having a serious operation, he was excited at the prospect of being pain free. The man thought: 'I'll be in and out of the hospital in a day; the general anaesthetic means I won't have to deal with the pain of the root of the problem; I'll leave the hospital with some pain meds and I'll be happy as Lukey within a few days.' This man arranged to see his physiotherapist, expecting to be swiftly referred to the local hospital's surgery department. However, after careful analysis of the man's bio-mechanics, muscle imbalances, and knee pain, this highly skilled physio told the man he needed to start doing various stretches and exercises each day. The exercises were unusual and unexciting: clamshells and leg raises and figure-of-4 stretches. The man looked at the list of exercises and felt disillusioned by how many exercises were on this list.

'How long will these exercises and stretches take each day?' he asked the physio.

'Oh not long. 30-40 minutes.' the physio said, handing over the numerous pages of practices, which seemed, to the man, like a long, daunting book. 'Do these practices for a few months and not only will your pain stop, but almost without noticing, your body will start moving slightly differently - sort of more in line with how your body was made to move.'

The man went away, sad."


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