I'm Clark.


It's great to have you here. 

About Me

I've been a pastor and elder at KingsGate Church in Kingston, in South West London, for half a decade. I loved working in that role - with a great team and having the privilege or preaching and teaching regularly.


In 2019 I took a big leap and decided to spend the year studying a Masters in Theology full time.  I now work at Tearfund in the fantastic theology team. 

I live in Kingston, in South West London with my wife and young daughter. 

My little website...

This little website is the result of four different interests of mine. 

Firstly, I'm interested in the BibleI'm amazed that this ancient, unusual, extraordinary library of books, stories, poetry and prophecy is incredibly relevant, provocative and compelling in our world today. I think the Bible is sometimes simply a delight to read, discuss and reflect upon. If we're paying attention to it, though, we might admit that often the Bible is also confusing, complex, and sometimes flat out concerning! The Bible has been used to inspire and encourage, to shape dreams and form cultures. I think the way we read the Bible really matters. Arguably it's one of the most influential books ever read. It has

been used to prop up wicked empires and reinforce oppressive social structures. But, read differently, it's been used to overturn the unjust structures of society and to liberate those living with the boot of empire on their neck. I am passionate about unearthing the ways scripture can shape how we live our lives and build a more just society.

I'm interested in Spiritual Formation: rhythms, patterns and practices in our lives that cultivate intimacy with God, that shape character, that form Christlikeness, and that make the Christian faith real and relevant in daily life. This is central to my apprenticeship to Jesus, and I love exploring this with friends. 

I love learningI love learning new ways of looking at the world around us and understanding our cultural moment and how we got here. I'm interested in how much our world is changing at the moment: from the dizzying pace of technological developments and the relentless hurry so many of us seem to be experiencing, to the global shift from a modern to a postmodern worldview,  to the secularisation of the Global North, to the church's loss of political and cultural power and its movement into society's margins and grassroots... where Jesus was found in the gospels.


And I love Jesus.  As the perfect representation of God's being, Jesus shows us what God is truly like. That the creator of all things is loving, gracious and kind, and is for us is truly really, really good news. As I wrestle with my faith, I recognise that there's much mystery, much that I don't understand and can't wrap my head around. I have lots of questions that I don't (yet) have answers for. But the story of Jesus is so compelling and captivating that it is the story I'm willing to risk being wrong about. 

So, this little website is a place to try and share some of these thoughts, wrestles and discoveries, and hopefully open up conversation and exploration together.


This website is for people who are interested in understanding the bible - not just superficially - but in deep and life-transforming ways; in ways that connect us both with God and also the world we live in today. It's for people who know that the bible, and the Christian faith, is not meant to be propping up the injustice and brokenness of our world,  but rather it is meant to be provocatively turning our world upside down. It's for people who believe that the Creator and Sustainer of all things is good and loves all of creation, including you and me and every single person that's ever lived. 

So... if​ that's the space you're after, great! Grab a quality cup of something caffeinated and make yourself at home. 

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