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Spiritual Direction?

Are you....

Longing for a a deeper, closer walk with God?

Wondering what God is 'up to'?

Unusually unsettled in your faith or prayer practices?

Embarking on a new path of spirituality, or reconstructing an evolving faith?

Going through significant transition and change? 

Willing to take time to stop and pause, to wonder and relish?

Then maybe Spiritual Direction is for you.


"Spiritual direction is, in reality, nothing more than a way of leading us to see and obey the real Director – the Holy Spirit hidden in the depths of our soul."

Thomas Merton

Hi. I'm Clark.


I'm a trained Spiritual Director.

I love the idea and the journey of drawing attention to the loving presence and activity of God in our lives. I believe, like St Ignatius did, that God can be found in all areas and spheres and moments of life. 


I trained for 3 years at the at the London Centre for Spiritual Direction (LCSD) and have been doing Spiritual Direction with directees for over a year. 

Would you like me to come alongside you and offer Spiritual Direction?

More About Me

I grew up in South Africa but have lived in the UK for a decade and some change. My church background is in charismatic evangelical free churches, both in South Africa and in the UK. I've been on eldership as a full time pastor at KingsGate Church in South West London for almost 6 years. After working for the church, I felt called to take a leap into studying theology full time and last year I completed a Masters in Theology which I really loved. I am now working as a theology researcher at Tearfund - a Christian relief and development organisation. My wife and I live in Kingston with our young baby girl. Currently, we are a part of KingsGate Ham, a relatively small but wonderful church community.


Over the last few years I've really become interested in contemplative spirituality, and have been influenced in particular by the Ignatian tradition. If you're interested, here's  a list of the sorts of books and podcasts I've enjoyed. Part of this journey into contemplative spirituality has been my journey with Spiritual Direction. I have been quite struck by the power and potential of this ministry. I don't see spiritual direction as therapy or as providing answers or solutions to problems. Rather, I see Spiritual direction as a sacred space between two pilgrims on the Way - a Spiritual Accompaniment, where the director can, through simple questions and a compassionate presence, help the directee grow in awareness of God's presence, activity and invitations. Spiritual direction can be a profound space where the Spirit acts within the conversation to draw the directee towards God and towards all that God is 'up to' in their life. On the 'surface', the conversations can be about prayer practices, or church life, or work, or family, or other relationships, or particular events, but ultimately they're all approached through the lenses of exploring and relishing the active, compassionate presence of God in those spheres of life. 



We will meet one to one every four weeks for 1 hour. These sessions could be in the early evenings, or at a time that works for both of us. 


The sessions are generally online discussions through Zoom/Skype/Google Meet. 


We would do one 'intro session' where we both discuss our expectations and go through some of the details, and the second meeting would be the first time of active spiritual direction.

What do we talk about?

Well, anything that seems significant or noteworthy or interesting to you! We can talk about family, friends, work, certain Bible passages, prayer practices etc... But with whatever topic you bring, we'll consider the ways in which God is present and inviting you to respond. 



Spiritual Direction is an ongoing ministry, rather than a project that you aim to finish after a certain period. 

However, should you feel the sessions aren't working for you, you can pause or terminate at any time. 

We will review at least every 6 months how things are going and if any adjustments need to be made. 



These sessions are £40. 

However, if you'd like Spiritual Direction but can't afford it, we can negotiate an affordable rate. 

If you'd like to explore this further, I'd love to hear from you!

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